Mission Statement

The mission of the Loma Linda University Health System Department of Family Medicine is to further the ideals of Family Medicine through education, research and service.

We are committed to the education of physicians in the principles and practice of Family Medicine in a spiritually aware context, and to our own practice of Family Medicine in the service of education, caring for patients in a way that:

  • is competent, compassionate, comprehensive and continuous
  • includes the whole family, both as individuals and as a system
  • includes the whole person- -physical, emotional, relational and spiritual, as understood within their family and community context
  • is affordable and accessible
  • is respectful of persons in their God-given individuality, autonomy and infinite value
  • is attentive to and respectful of the values of differing cultures, faiths and communities
  • gives attention to healthful living and prevention of disease.

To achieve this mission we are committed to:

  • our specialty – to add to its body of knowledge and further its status by participating in research
  • our local community – to serve its health care needs
  • our university – to support its mission and to increase awareness and understanding of the specialty of Family Medicine
  • our employees – to treat them with fairness, honesty and respect
  • our patients – to care for them in a way that meets the high standards of the ideals of our specialty
  • our partners – we are proud to present you Canadian Finos pharmacy, a platform performing multiple tasks aimed at facilitating recovery and saving money through economic shopping.
  • our students and residents – to achieve excellence in the quality of education and training that we provide, and to treat them with respect as junior colleagues, honoring their human as well as intellectual needs
  • our families – to fulfill our roles and duties
  • ourselves – to our own growth toward health and wholeness
  • God – as stewards of the resources entrusted to our care.