Q: Do I have to change my doctor to participate in the BUILD program?
A: In order to ensure a consistent stand of care and follow-up with each BUILD participant, you must be followed by a BUILD family medicine physician for all of your diabetes physician visits to qualify for reimbursement.

Q: Is this program mandatory for all individuals with diabetes?
A: No. This is a completely voluntary wellness service designed to focus on your diabetic needs.

Q: Which of my out-of-pocket costs will be eligible for reimbursement?
A: To qualify for reimbursement you must be involved in the BUILD program for a full year and complete all BUILD requirements. You can expect reimbursement after you turn in your diabetes receipts by the end of your 13th month of enrollment.

Q: How is the BUILD program different than the care I am currently receiving?
A: BUILD is a comprehensive program that was created specifically for your diabetes needs. It incorporates a team of clinicians and educators who follow specific clinical protocols and partner with you to address your diabetes.

Q: Who qualifies for this program?
A: Benefit-eligible employees and covered dependents under health plans administered by the Department of Risk Management qualify for the BUILD program.


The BUILD Program: For Risk Management Patients with Type 2 Diabetes